WordPress Theme Maintenance Blog

This is a theme that is used to maintain all of the themes that Boab Inc has created and maintains.


Advanced Custom Fields

Includion of Advanced Custom Fields plugin which allows the addition extra content fields to the WordPress edit screens. These extra content fields are more commonly referred to as Custom Fields and can allow you to build website’s faster and educate your client’s quicker.

Business Details Admin

An admin section that stores the Business Details so that this infomation only needs to be added once.

This infomation is used in the following areas

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Contact Us Page

This section can be accessed via the Theme Customize area of the Dashboard.

Custom Footer

The footer section allows the display of the About Us details as saved in the Business Details section or a selected post/link.

Custom Logon

A custom Logon Page is actived once the theme uses a custom Logo.

FAQ’s Admin

This section is a custom post type for all FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Question’s).

All FAQ’s are then displayed as in a Accordian format – All questions displayed and the Answer is only displayed when clicked on.

Photo Admin

This section is a custom post type for images and allows for a caption to be added to the image in a Showcase option.

Theme Admin

This section is a single point on the WordPress Admin Menu that contains the following

Update Checker

This is a custom update checker library for WordPress plugins and themes. It lets you add automatic update notifications and one-click upgrades to your commercial plugins, private themes, and so on. All you need to do is put your plugin/theme details in a JSON file, place the file on your server, and pass the URL to the library. The library periodically checks the URL to see if there’s a new version available and displays an update notification to the user if necessary.

From the users’ perspective, it works just like with plugins and themes hosted on WordPress.org. The update checker uses the default upgrade UI that is familiar to most WordPress users.

For more information anout this extra please refer to GitHub


WordPress Theme Maintenance Blog – Ver : 1.0.2

WordPress Theme Maintenance Blog – Ver : 1.0.0

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